Florestan Fernandes National School needs your help to keep operating. Located in Guararema (70 km from São Paulo city) , the ENFF , opened with a major international event on January 23 2005. The school, was built between 2000 and 2005 , thanks to the volunteer work of more than a thousand landless people and suporters. Its mission is to meet the training needs of social movements and organizations fighting for a fairer world.

The funds for its construction were obtained from the sale of photos from Sebastião Salgado and the book Earth (photos by Sebastião Salgado, José Saramago’s text and music by Chico Buarque) and through the contribution of workers organizations of Brazil, Latin America and several parts of the world.

The resources for its maintenance and operation are obtained through national and international projects, by donations from social organizations and social movements and the increasing individual voluntary collaboration of women and men who support the project .

Currently, ENFF is threatened by economic strangulation, in the context of an offensive orchestrated by the Brazilian right wing forces against social movements, and particularly against the Landless Movement (MST).

At this time, when social movements are required to mobilise their energies to resist the attacks of the capital, the School also becomes the target of this policy: the upper classes do not accept the idea of the workers becoming conscious subjects of their own history. Without resources, the school runs the risk of ending its activities. Therefore, your contribution is more necessary than ever. In the following pages you will find the reasons why you should help.

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