The school is built on a land of 120 000 m2, with bricks manufactured by the workers themselves. The architectural design, developed in solidary terms, had as its principle to cause the least damage to the environment and at the same time, provide the best outcome for the school employees, students, advisors and visitors.

Altogether, three classrooms, which comprise up to 200 people, an auditorium, two lecture halls, a library with 40,000 books (obtained through donation), with space for reading and editing room.

In addition, the school has four accommodation blocks, cafeterias, laundry facilities, sewage treatment station and houses aimed at advisers and families of workers who reside in the school. It also has a vegetable field that produces for local consumption, and fruit trees scattered around the ground. For leisure, features a grass football field and a multi-purpose indoor sports court.

The full operation requires the fulltime dedication of 42 militant workers living there, from all areas (from pedagogical administrative sector , through electrical and sanitary infrastructure among others). All people who attend their courses are in charge of cleaning, taking care of the garden and other such jobs required.

To ensure the participation of men and women who go to school carrying their children, the “Child CIRANDA Saci Pererê ” was built. In this kindengarten their children remain in a healthy and caring environment while their parents study and /or work .

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